What to Consider in a Dog Collar


Purchasing a dog collar is a big decision. Whether you are getting a collar for your own canine or whether you are giving the collar as a gift for a friend, you want to ensure that you have selected a collar that looks good, that will be comfortable for the pup and that will be durable.

In many cases, the best option is to order a custom dog collar that has all of the features that you need. A custom dog collar can be designed the way you want it and can be a wonderful gift for yourself or for your pet.

What to Consider in a Dog Collar

Whether buying a custom dog collar or choosing any type of collar for your canine, there are some things that you should consider to ensure you get a collar that will work well and meet your specific needs.

Some of the different things that you should think about when you are making the choice to purchase a dog collar include the following:

• Does the dog collar fit your pet? You want the dog collar to be comfortable for your dog to wear and not to be too tight around your dog’s neck. The general rule is that you should be able to fit in two fingers in between the collar and the dog’s neck when the dog has the collar buckled. This way, the collar will not be so tight that the dog is being choked by it. You also want to ensure that the dog collar is not overly loose. If the dog collar is too lose for your dog, you take the risk of the collar slipping over the dog’s head when he is wearing it. The dog could run in front of a car, run and approach a dog or a person or get lost if the collar slips off and you lose control.  If you order a custom dog collar, then you can measure the appropriate size for your dog and have the collar sized exactly to fit.
• Will the dog collar be durable? Any dog owner knows that dogs can pretty much get into everything and anything. You want to ensure that you choose a dog collar that is going to be washable so that it is able to be cleaned if your dog gets into something he shouldn’t.  You should think about looking for a dog collar that is made of a nylon material because nylon can be soft against your animal’s neck and because the nylon can also be very durable and easy to wash.  Choosing a nylon dog collar can ensure that the dog collar looks good for a long time to come so it will not need to be quickly replaced.

These are the key things to think about. You should also make sure that the collar is nice looking and that it will be something you are happy to put on your pet.  A custom collar allows you to design a look that you will like.