Not all Dog Collars are created equal

A dog collar is one of the most important accessories for the dog. It is an important tool for directing and guiding the dog. Through generations, dogs have been conditioned to see the collars as an extension of their bodies.


When they think of a collar, many people assume that all collars are similar in design and material. However, dog trainers and kennel owners would tell otherwise. Dog collars have become a controversial topic that could give rise to long debate.


Many people use a standard dog collar for their dogs. This is a simple band that encircles the neck of the dog, very near to its base. It often has two loops or hooks for hooking up a chain and an id tag. This is a pretty standard configuration and is used as the basis for further elaborate designs and accessories.


The standard dog collar is often made of leather. The range of material used could range from faux leather to genuine rawhide. Many people go for an average make using high quality fake leather. However, nylon is increasingly becoming popular because of its satiability and greater endurance than standard leather. Nylon also has the advantage of being available in different colors. It is easy to weave patterns in nylon webbing. The growing trend is to use on-collar embroidery as an additional ID tag. The most popular closure for standard dog collar is the buckle style that used the well-known hook-and-loop design.


A growing number of people have lost their dogs to accidents where the collar caught on a post or a branch snapped the dog’s neck. This is one of the issues with standard dog collars. The material, whether leather or nylon is much stronger than the muscle and bone of the neck. When the collar is caught, the dog panics and tries to jerk free with all their strength. The result is an unpleasant and unnecessary death of a beloved pet.


The solution of this problem is simple. Breakaway collars designed to give way when the dog uses their full force. These collars are available in both leather and nylon. Instead of being a complete band, they comprises of two separate pieces. The pieces are joined at the side with light stitching. While the joint is strong for everyday use, it comes apart when the collar is snagged and the dog tugs with some force. At this point, the stitching breaks and the collar come off.


Training collars are another controversial issue in dog training community. There are a number of trainers who feel tat these collars are unnecessary and downright cruel. However, there are still people who prefer to use a training collar on the dogs fro treating behavior issues.


Choke collars are popular training collars. They are used for helping the dog understand that pulling on the chain is a bad ides. Every pull on the chain tightens the collar a bit and applies pressure on the back of the neck.


Dog collars are an excellent gift for any dog owner.