Choosing the Best Halters for Your Horse

The halter is so basic device a device it has become practically invisible to everyone working with horses. For many, a halter is a halter and the only qualification for a halter is that it should fit snugly.

Not many trainers and owners give a second thought to the halters for their horses. A halter is used to lead the horse through its routine of training and being working equipment, not much thought is given to the make and material of halters.

The make and quality of halters is essential for the safety and comfort of the horse. It is important to make sure that the horse feels comfortable in the halter and that there is no chaffing or skin burns on the nose, cheeks and behind ears.

Many owners and stable mangers only concentrate on show halters. These halters are made out of the finest material and are more decorative then functional. However, a horse spends only a part of its life in a show halter. The majority of its time is spent in a training or stable halter.

Horse halters are available in natural and synthetic materials. The three most popular materials for horse halters are leather, rope and nylon. Each has its pros and cons. It is essential that the proper type of halter should be selected to ensure the maximum safety and comfort for the horse.

One of most important factor that many outsiders choose to overlook is the costs of horse halters. A ranch or a training stable is just like another other business with requirements for keeping the costs within manageable levels.

Another factor is the day-to-day utility of horse halters. Horses spend almost all their time in a halter. This includes the time when they are being trained, fed and turned out. Changing halters to suit the schedule of the horses is a very unmanageable task.

Given these two factors, nylon horse halters fit the bill perfectly. The best thing about them is the wide variety of nylon horse halters available in all colors and styles. The horses in a stable could have nylon halters that could indicate their training level, age or the favorite color of their owner.

Many owners and stable managers prefer nylon horse halters because they are the most cost efficient solution. Compared to leather halters, nylon halters costs just a fraction and provide a longer service with minimal of maintenance. Cleaning up, particularly, is as easy as hosing the halters down without worrying about polishing or conditioning afterwards.

Perhaps the most popular reason of opting for nylon horse halters is the peace of mind that they offer to stable staff. With leather or even a rope halter, the staff has to be constantly on their guard to ensure the safety of horses. Leather halters are notorious for breaking the horse before snapping. A horse could get snag a thick branch or the corner of a post and could actually snap the neck trying to break free. Nylon horse halters come with breakaway points that ensure that the halter snaps away and let the horse go safely.


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